Eric Longsworth

Eric Longsworth ciel-ouvertBorn in 1959, student of Gary Hoffman and Janos Starker at the University of Indiana, cellist Eric Longsworth immersed himself in jazz with David Baker, the renowned American teacher. Eric's classical training lead him to play professionally for four years in various orchestras in Houston, Texas, among them the Houston Symphony and Texas Chamber Orchestra.
Drawn to other musical possibilities, he furthered his studies at Banff (Alberta, Canada), where he participated in workshops with Dave Holland, Dave Leibman, John Abercrombie, Steve Coleman, and others. Eric Longsworth, who admits to having always wanted to make music differently, integrated here the tools with which to become an improviser, and decided to leave classical music behind definitively.
He moved to Montreal, where he first was noticed playing in the groups Contrevent and Icarus, before attracting the attention of critics with his first solo album, "I Hear You", in 1997. After participating in numerous and varied shows in Canada, he recorded his second album, "If Trees Could Fly", a duo with bass player Marc Johnson, in 1999.
eric longsworth vioncelliste 2Eric Longsworth moved to France in 2002, where he presented his third recording, "Sans Souci", a trio with Daniel Mille and Pierre Tanguay. He became more and more involved with the jazz scene in France, participating and leading projects with, among others, Sylvain Luc, Remi Charmasson, Claude Tchamitchian, Xavier Garcia, Francois Verly, and Jean-Charles Richard, and recording "A Ciel Ouvert", his fourth opus as leader. The quartet "A Ciel Ouvert" toured in France and in South America.
"Le Jazz fait son Cirque", an unusual collaboration of music and clowns, played over 150 shows between 2007 and 2010, including the Avignon Off Festival and five weeks at the European Theatre in Paris. Eric shared the compositional and creation credits with Alain Reynaud and Nicolas Bernard, both clowns/musicians with the Compagnie des Nouveaux Nez.
In 2010 Eric met kora player Cherif Soumano, and formed with percussionist/singer Jean-Luc Difraya the World Kora Trio. Their common adventurous spirit, curiosity, and obvious complicity are evident on the group's recording "Korazon" in 2012. The group has toured in France, Canada and in Mexico.